Volary Wood Festival

Date of event: 17.08.202418.08.2024

The Volary Wood Festival has become an inseparable tradition known to the general public. This two-day cultural event, which takes place in Volary Square, with the participation of at least 20 guests from abroad and 20 guests from our country, has the main objective of developing and strengthening cooperation in the cultural, social and sporting fields, cross-border interpersonal relations and overcoming language barriers in the above-mentioned activities for the general public.

The Volary Wood Festival reminds visitors who come from all over the country, from Germany and Austria, of the ancient history of our town connected with woodworking. Every year, several dozen craftsmen demonstrate old crafts, some of them almost forgotten. The growing interest in this event, which regularly takes place on the penultimate weekend in August, is demonstrated by the ever-increasing number of craftsmen willing to show their skills and the ever-increasing number of visitors. At least three thousand visitors come to Volary during the festival.

The biggest proof of this is our record in the number of participants in the wooden shoe festival, which we included in the programme in 1998, when the Dobrý den agency in Pelhřimov confirmed the record with 111 participants. Every year the number of these enthusiasts increases and during the last festival, in 2003, we were visited by 242 "dressed up" people and even one dog.


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